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Kelly Kirura Principal


Noel Skaggs Kindergarten

Joanna Geraci Kindergarten

Cassidy Willison Kindergarten

Yolanda Chanea 1st Grade


Shayla Soliday 1st Grade

Kaela Mains 2nd Grade

Julie Pierce 2nd Grade

Miranda Shofner 2nd Grade


Anna Calvert 3rd Grade


Kaylee Yarnell 3rd Grade


Kristen Carty 4th Grade


Lydia Covell 4th Grade


Rebekah Gabriel 5th Grade


Katie LeBrun 5th Grade and Aftercare Director

Katelyn Dunnick Intervention

Services/RTI Teacher

Debbie Knost Gifted Intervention Specialist

Kathy Trad RTI, Educational Aide

Jen Ashcraft RTI 

Candy Baker RTI 

Elaine Smith Art


Amy Kerr Music, Band, Student Services

Jacqueline Stevanus Strings and Band

Joy McFarland Physical Education and Aftercare


Darci Henry Spanish

Elaine Smith Art

Claudette Stine STEM and Teacher Support


Corinne King Aftercare


Nicole Angulo Principal 

Caitlyn Bailey HS English Language Arts


Kary Barnes Math

Mindy Bartley Student Leadership Coordinator


David Dailey High School History

Caren Francis Middle School Bible

Kathy Heissner MS Language Arts, Study Skills, Journalism, Yearbook

Jim Kaniaris MS Art 

Brian Kutzley HS Math, CCP, Debate/Speech 

Abbey Le Roy English Language Arts

Shara Martin High School Math

Greg Wolfe MS/HS Math

Laura Prater Spanish 8-12

Autumn Sanford Social Studies, Life Skills

Mike Smith HS Science, STEM

Nikki Stewart Science, Biology, and STEM

Jenefa Sweet  MS Science,       

HS Physical Science, Robotics

and Engineering

Brittany Underhill Praise Team 

Alex Van Dromme High School Bible

Matt Vosberg Dean of Students, and Bible Teacher


Ashley Robbe Drama Director and Bible Teacher

Christina Wolber

Intro Spanish & Cultural Studies

Ashley Hoover Drama



Joy McFarland 

Physical Education

Elaine Smith Art/Graphic Design, Photography, Coding

Jacqueline Stevanus Choir

and Band Assistant



Craig Bartley Superintendent 


Nicole Angulo Upper Academy Principal 

Kelly Kirura Elementary Principal

Janelle Willison Preschool Director

Christina Wolber Athletic Director

Phil Kinley CFO for GCA and

Genoa Church


Teresa Albery Food Services

Lora Berry Treasurer

Jamie Clawson Human Resources

Linda Evans Student Services

Jen Fuller Main Office Receptionist

Rachael Harven Food Services

Jenny Hoover Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent


Cheryl Howard Admissions and FACTS/RenWeb

Robin Lassiter Elementary Office Receptionist


Kari Lee Intervention/

Student Services Director

Samantha Lozano Lunch Monitor

Casey Morgan Janitor

Mary Anne Morehart Auxiliary Services Coordinator

Crystal Ratliff Instructional Coach (part-time)

Ashley Robbe Social Media (part-time)

Marianne S. School Nurse and

Administrative Support


Christina Thomas Intervention Services

Natalie Thomas School Counselor


Brenda Ullom Scholarships Coordinator


Brittany Underhill Tours


Susan Wainwright Food Services Director 


Jen Young School Improvement Coordinator (part-time)

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