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The elementary school years form the foundation for a child’s future learning and development. At Genoa Christian Academy, our elementary school program focuses on nurturing the whole child–spiritually, academically, socially and physically. We teach not just for the next test,    but for a lifetime.



Our elementary classroom instruction includes Bible, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Language, Spelling), and Math. Our students are provided with weekly special classes in Art, Bible, Library, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology. In addition, each classroom is equipped with Android tablets or Chromebooks, and Smartboards for hands-on lessons in technology. Every Friday morning our Elementary (K-5th) students participate in Chapel with songs, a bible teaching, and prayer. Parents and grandparents are always welcome to join us for Chapel.



Genoa Christian Academy filters all learning and curriculum through a biblical worldview. GCA elementary students (K-5th) use current curriculum that meets the Ohio Department of Education’s content standards while incorporating biblical truth in each of our classes.

  • Our math curriculum is Pearson Envision Math. Students use manipulatives, math games, and interactive whiteboard lessons to reinforce concepts.

  • We use HMH Journeys curriculum. This curriculum helps students excel in their reading comprehension, fluency, writing, spelling, and vocabulary. Small guided reading groups are differentiated so every child can be challenged in his/her school environment.

  • Our elementary students (K-5) use the HMH Science Fusion curriculum for science. Through hands-on activities, reading, discussions and experiments students grasp important science concepts and begin to develop critical thinking skills.

  • For Social Studies, our students use HMH Social Studies. Students study the History of America and the State of Ohio. Emphasis is also placed on learning United States and international geography.

  • In Bible, our students immerse themselves in God’s Holy Word through a variety of Bible curriculum.


GCA strives to meet the needs of the whole family by offering a convenient hot lunch program, full-day kindergarten and an Aftercare program. Our caring elementary staff provide band-aids, smiles and encouragement every day. Contact Elementary Principal Shelly Miller with questions:


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