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Artist renderings of the entrance and exterior view of the new school building.
GCA School Building Expansion Is On The Horizon​


The Lord has blessed Genoa Church and Genoa Christian Academy in tremendous ways, and we are excited to announce that we will break ground in the fall of 2021 on a construction project that will provide an additional 65,000-square-foot building.  This building is designed for upper academy students and is projected to be completed in the Summer of 2024.

2020 COAL champs.jpg
Middle School Lady Lions ​Rise Up to Win Championship

GCA's middle school Lady Lions won the 2020 Central Ohio Athletic League's basketball championship under the leadership of Coach Mindy Bartley and Assistant Coach Whitney Stalnaker. "They earned it," said Coach Bartley of her team's success.

Leah Roach, right, with her roommate at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD

Leah's letter of acceptance from the United States Naval Academy.

GCA Prepares Graduate For Prestigious U.S. Naval Academy

In May of 2016, Genoa Christian Academy graduated a brilliant young lady named Leah Roach from high school. Leah came to Genoa in January 2013, halfway through her sophomore year. Her high school career at Genoa included taking challenging courses, participating in volleyball, basketball, and fencing, holding office on student council, acting in multiple musicals, and much more.


The classes that were most beneficial for Leah were all of the honors math courses, advanced chemistry, honors physics, and robotics. These courses provided her with a challenging curriculum while also allowing her to reach a higher GPA. Leah loves a challenge and would rather take the hard road than get out easy. Genoa supplied her with classes that pushed her academically and made her work hard to maintain a high grade. Leah also said regarding her classes, “The small class sizes allowed us to go at a faster pace while receiving one on one instruction. This made it easier to learn and grasp the material because we could ask more questions.”


Besides preparing her academically, Genoa helped Leah branch out socially and develop her people skills. She said, “The smallness of Genoa helped me a lot socially. I was comfortable and able to grow my roots, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone.” Leah developed long-lasting friendships with many people at Genoa and grew as a person by partaking in most activities and events Genoa offered. She also was able to have wise and caring mentors who supported her through graduation and even today as she ends her first year of college at Marion Military Institute and prepares to move on to the United States Naval Academy in the summer. When asked what the most important thing was that she took away from being at Genoa, Leah replied, “I think the most important thing I learned is that God has a plan. Sometimes it takes years for it to happen and you don’t always know why certain bad things happen, but there’s a reason for them. And at Genoa, I finally realized that.”

--By Anna Hoover, GCA Class of 2018

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