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Middle School is a transition in every child’s life when guidance and nurturing are key in their development as young people. Our prayer is for each of our students to begin the process of becoming young men and women who love God with all their heart, soul and mind.


Opportunities abound at GCA. Middle School students participate in a weekly chapel service with our High School students. They'll have the opportunity to take class trips, play interscholastic sports, be an actor or run tech for the school plays, perform in choir and band, or serve on Student Council. Special elective classes include drama, graphic design, studio art, robotics, STEM, P.E. and more. Our middle school is an inclusive community where you can be yourself and discover your talents and gifts.


Genoa Christian Academy utilizes various curriculum resources in our Middle School and High School classes.  While using curriculum from Glencoe, Houghton Mifflin, Prentice Hall, Summit Ministries, ACSI and Positive Action, all of our classes are centered around the authority of God’s Word and infused throughout with Biblical truth. Our classrooms promote critical thought and a global view of the world as students are taught to engage the world with Biblical truths and action.


Please call the office at 740-965-5433 or email for more information.


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